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Desert Dream Dance Company studio is a home base for the Desert Dream Dance Company and its director, Janelle Rodriguez. Filled with natural light and creative energy, the studio features more than 1,300-square feet of open dance floor and offers affordable weekly classes and workshops for belly dance, yoga, Arabic/North African percussion and music as well as other forms of music, movement and artistic expression. The studio also host many enlightening and exciting events as well as acclaimed guest instructors from all over the world. Additionally, Janelle teaches workshops onsite, and can be booked for workshops offsite and around California — and beyond! The studio is available to rent for classes, workshops and special events. Contact the studio manager, about events and rental fees. Desert Dream Dance Company studio is located at 1025 Water Street, above Good Omen Tattoo, in Santa Cruz, California.


Phone: 831.295.0953
Address: 1025 Water Street - Santa Cruz, CA 95062
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