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Desert Dream Dance Company

Desert Dream Dance is a professional belly dance company that performs regularly in the Bay Area. We experience belly dance as art, emotion, tradition, beauty, as well as freedom and ambition.

Artistic director and instructor, Janelle Rodriguez, creates heart felt choreographies which display a colorful palette of belly dance styles. Specializing in various forms of Belly dance, Desert Dream performs… Egyptian Raks Sharki, Turkish Karsilama, folkloric, tribal fusion, modern fusion, jazz and hip hop fusion, balancing, veil, finger cymbals, cane dance and more.

Desert Dream’s continuous inspiration and creativity keeps their melting pot of styles bubbling at the brim.

Desert Dream has performed in numerous festivals and events including: Rakkasah, Desert Dance Festival, The Cabrillo Music Art and Wine Festival, Fantasy Festival, Luna Gitana, Cairo Nights, Gilroy Garlic Festival, Hafla Santa Cruz and as guest performers at Desert Rose Dance Competition.

Desert Dream also performs at private events such as weddings, haflas, birthdays, holiday parties, bridal and baby showers, amongst other special occasions.

We have a band that plays with us too! When we perform we are billed as Desert Dream Music and Dance Company.


Phone: 831.295.0953
Address: 1025 Water Street - Santa Cruz, CA 95062
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